Firefox 11

Noticed that Mozilla decided to change how a single image is shown in the browser.

For example, here is how CNN’s header image looks like now:

The old way was to show the image at the top left with the default white background. My issue with this is that users are used to thinking that empty white space is default and any color or customization (like centering) is done by the webpage (and not the browser). But in this case, we are not looking at a webpage, but rather just an image downloaded via HTTP. Also some websites tend to use this new type of view to display albums of pictures (in modals). I just think this can be confusing to users and makes for a poorer user experience.

What would happen if your image happened to be a black/grey dot? You can’t see it!

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End to flash drives

I have never been much of a fan of flash drives. Sure, once they became cheap enough to buy (back around 2004), I loved their obvious improvement over CD/CD-RW, but I always found them too easy to lose and too hard to manage. Not to mention losing the caps.

Now that USB thumb drives have gotten to the point where 4GB ones are essentially being given away at conference and the like, I have several of these, but they stay unused. Why? THE CLOUD. First off, since I have my own home server running at home, I can access all my files from anywhere, as well as share files with others using temp, unique links. If I am uncomfortable with sharing my home ip, I can just use dropbox/box/[put file sharing service here] to share/transfer files. Nowadays, with good enough upload bandwidth, this applies also to large files. Not to mention, cloud allow parallel downloads, versus the physical, queued nature of passing flash drives around.

Another rant. Flash drives are too hard to manage. I’m sure all of you have several each. How do you keep track of what files are on what and where the damn thing is right now? It’s very dangerous to store the only copy of a file on a flash drive. I would suggest using it only to transfer at best.

Hmmm..would be interesting if SanDisk and co start a flash drive in the cloud idea 🙂 The difference compared to file hosts being, use it to transfer files with minimal hassle. No permanent storage.

PS: My mom sometimes still uses her flash drive, but I’m trying to get her out of it 🙂



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Firefox bloat

Why, Firefox, do you need a gig of my RAM?

I started with some 20 tabs but was down to 2 tabs for over 5 minutes at the time of screenshot. It was very slow to use as well. You would think 5 minutes would be enough time to garbage collect and speed up…


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Yahoo video fail

Th problem with Yahoo:

Lately I have noticed many issues playing their videos embedded in the articles. Especially from their indian portal,, where I frequently get an error saying that “this video is not available in your area”. Are you kidding me? It’s the Internet! All the stuff is (should) accessible from everywhere.

The screenshot didn’t capture it but this video failed.


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Google AdWords billing setup insecure

Signed up for Google AdWords today! Planning to promote a couple of my product sites soon.

Curiously, noticed that Firefox was telling me that the page was only partially secure (i.e. or as any security expert would tell you – not secure at all). This typically happens when a page delivered over HTTPS includes other pages (JS, etc) over plain HTTP.

Attack works like this: If a (safe) JS file was included via HTTP, an attacker (man-in-the-middle) could change the code to read the credit card off the form fields and ship it to himself.

Here is the screenshot:

Notice the typical blue or green background missing behind Google’s favicon.



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