NexCall wins Nexmo Hackathon 1st Place

I’ve always been annoyed after talking to my friends for an hour that they were on Verizon and I was on AT&T. That means I just used up 60 anytime minutes! As soon as I saw this API by Nexmo, I realized its potential to solve this problem. With NexCall, always be in the know in real-time and save your minutes!

Download NexCall from your Android phone and install it.

App is dead simple to use – just install the app and it runs in the background! Every time you get a call, it will let you know right away if the caller is on the same mobile network as you, helping you save your precious out-of-network mobile minutes and charges. It will also tell you which country the call is from so you can help avoid international call charges and learn something new!

Ended up winning first place and an Amazon Echo and Philips Hue connected light bulbs! Can’t wait to hack those! 🙂

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